The "Molly Baker Solar Oven"

Thanks for looking at the" Molly Baker"
We are still under construction here but should soon be up and running at full speed. Pictures should be up in
a day or two.

The "Molly Baker"  is a perfect solar oven for: backpackers, rafters,  canoeists  
Missionaries, hunters during fire season, horse packers, survivalist.
in size
         We brought out the "Molly Baker" at the Oregon 2006 Sol West Festival

We first showed the oven at the John Day Festival in July 2006. The Festival takes place the  
last full weekend in July every year.  
 Look us over compare all the  other options out there. Our oven is small and compact for           
people on the move. The larger bulkier ovens are great for a more stationary situation.
But if you are looking for a durable small oven that weighs less than a pound and doesn't mind
 being stuffed in the nose of a kayak, this is it.
Go to the Instruction button for a description on the oven and how to set it up.
The upper picture are the four components to the Molly Baker: ribs, reflector cone ,reflector base.

The Lower picture is the oven assembled

Molly Baker Solar Oven